Game Of Thrones 8 bit Fan Developed Game

While we wait and pray for a Game of Thrones officially licensed game to developed that feeds our addiction to the series in a way that the current Game of Thrones: Genesis and the RPG Game of Thrones have not quite filled there has been an fan developed 8 bit game created by Abel Alves. The game is freeware is openly shared and can be downloaded from . Alves is a Spanish comic book artist that is currently living in Uraguay and is currently working on other projects. The game includes four different playable characters such as Daenerys, Tyrion, and Jon Snow. Each character has weapons/accomplices present in the books including a direwolf, a dragon, and either a crossbow or an axe (hard to tell in 8 bits). The game includes several different songs used in the soundtrack including the HBO shows theme song and the “Rains of Castmere.” The graphics use a mixture of 8 and 16 bit images giving the game a classic retro feel. The game does not perfectly follow the story of the books but it does stay fairly on track. Alves has also mentioned that there is a possibility that there could be a sequel for the game developed in the future.


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