GTA V Using Real Gangsters as Voice Actors

GTA V Promotional Image courtesy of

GTA V Promotional Image courtesy of

The producer of Grand Theft Auto V Lazlow Jones recently released the news that the voice actors used in the game were actual gang members. The team brought in a variety of gang members in order to create a more authentic feel to the audio in the game and one of the gangster voice actors actually was released from prison the day before he recorded for the game. During the process of recording the development team often scrapped their prepared script in favor of allowing the actual gangsters to use their realistic phrases and responses to the situations found in the game. This method of voice acting should give the audio for GTA V a much higher level of street credible authenticity with the dialogue than in previous games using Hollywood and LA actors impressions of gang dialect. Lazlow also mentioned that in addition to the use of the actual gang members the game would also include voice acting from some celebrities however the actual celebrities were left unnamed. I am excited to hear how this experiment turned out in the game and see if it assists in building the setting of the game making it a more believable situation for the player.

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