Nintendo Color TV Game

Color Tv Game is a series of dedicated home video game consoles which are created by the Nintendo corporation. The series consists of five different consoles which were all developed and released in Japan. Across all of the consoles the Color Tv Game managed to sell roughly 3 million units.

History of Color Tv Game

Color Tv Game 6:

This series was released during 1977and contained 6 different versions of Pong also called “Light Tennis” and the player would control their paddles using dials found on the console itself much like the other systems of this generation. There is also an alternative console which is white and runs on C batteries and only a few hundred units were created causing these alternative Color Tv Game 6 consoles to be the most highly prized by the game console collectors.

Color Tv Game 15:

The Color Tv Game 15 was released in 1978 and contained 15 variation of Pong and this unit sold roughly two million units which come in either a dark orange which is considered to be more rare and a slightly lighter orange which is thought to be more common by the people seeking to collect these vintage consoles. The Color Tv Game 15 also added a corded controller to the unit allowing players to sit more comfortably while using the system.

Color Tv Game Racing 112:

The Color Tv Game Racing was also released during the year 1978. The games takes the vantage point of the birds eye view racing game which is controlled using steering wheel and gearshift. The console is also compatible with controllers allowing players to play in pair as well as alone.

Color Tv Block Breaker:

The Color Tv Block Breaker was released during 1979 and the console allowed one player to play a ported edition (an edition of a game which is transfered from one type of system to another type of system) of the game Block Breaker which was one of Nintendo‘s arcade game which was inspired by the Atari game Breakout. The Block Breaker console was much like the earlier Color Tv Game 6 using dials attached directly to the console itself. The external component of this console was one of the video game legend Shigeru Miyamoto‘s first video game projects that he undertook after joining the Nintendo company in 1977.

Computer Tv Game:

This was the final console in the Color Tv Game series and was released to the public in 1980. Like the other consoles in this series it was only distributed in Japan. One of the games which was available for this console was a port of a Nintendo arcade game by the name of Computer Othello.

Other Connections to the Series:

A bit of 20 years after the release of this series of consoles Nintendo would feature this early series in another project series called Warioware. The Warioware mega microgame was released for the newer system the Game Boy Advance in 2003. This re-release included a mini game version of the Color Tv Racing 112 game as component of 9 Volts collection of classic Nintendo games. Color Tv Game 6 was also revived as a microgame in of 9 and 18 Volt’s Nintendo games found in Warioware: Smooth Moves which was released for the Wii in 2006.


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